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I mainly post The Hunger Games and Harry Potter, as well as the occasional Dexter, The Avengers, Divergent, Narnia, Alphas, The Hobbit/Lord of the Rings, Leverage, Supernatural, or Falling Skies.
This is in no way a spoiler-free blog.

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celebrity crush?

omfg i have a lot um sfgsdfg josh hutcherson brendon urie max irons i have a couple ANDREW VANWYNGARDEN JENSEN ACKLES

single or taken?


favorite book?

um um um my favorite single book was the hobbit!! and book SERIES would either be like lotr thg or hp or maybe warriors idk im indecisive

what language(s) do you speak?


have you met any celebrities in real life? who?

jwow omg she’s not a real celebrity um lisa williams she is a psychic medium person i met victoria holmes who wrote warriors when i was little 

summer or winter?


ever cried while reading a book or movie?

every time odmgsfdg

tumblr crushes?


how many followers do you have? (you dont have to answer this one)


top 5 favorite blogs?

i have a lot omfg iloveyoujhutch districtsinrevolt jmellarks jenniggerlawrence/joshhutcherslut cornucopia i HAVE A LOT  BUT THOSE ARE SOME OFF OF THE TOP OF MY HEAD

what do you think of me/my blog? (jmellarks)

i think you are a wonderful person with a wonderful blog and u are great and ily pls be my pal

my questions:

1. favorite color?

2. first url?

3. what was your first post? was it a picture or a text post? if it was a text post or quote what did it say?

4. when did you first make your blog?

5. do you like themes with darker backgrounds and lighter text or lighter backgrounds and darker texts?

6. did you edit your own icon?

7. have you ever made a gif?

8. whats your favorite book to movie adaption?

9. what fandom have you been a part of the longest?

10. do you tend to get more anonymous or non-anon messages?

11. if you could pick any book, movie, or tv character to turn in to for a day, who would it be?

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